The Differences Between Fraternal and Identical Twins and a Couple Other Facts
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The Differences Between Fraternal and Identical Twins and a Couple Other Facts

This article is about the main differences between fraternal and identical twins to give a basic understanding. It also describes the difference between the two on the genetic level and how it is an inherent advantage to be an identical twin rather than a fraternal twin when it comes to transplants and transfusions.

Twins are one of the world's most fascinating areas or health research and weird scientific facts. There are two main types of twins found throughout the world. There are fraternal twins which are dizygotic meaning they came from separate eggs at birth and the other are identical twin which are monozygotic meaning they came from the same egg. This article will focus mainly on a few facts about the amazing qualities of identical twins that are not present in fraternal twins. 

First of all identical twins are called identical because they share the same original DNA information and also because they look identical physically for many years as children to the point where you cannot remember which one is which unless you see them on a daily basis, while on the other hand fraternal twins are rarely identical to each other based on the fact that they only share half of their DNA and are not always the same sex proving the huge difference between fraternal and identical twins. Also the reason identical twins are genetically identical overall because being that they are derived from the same egg they both received the same genetic information from the start. This means that identical twins share 100% of their DNA while on average fraternal twin share about 50% of their DNA. One of the best benefits of being an identical twin and having the same genetic information is that in the case of a blood transfusion or an organ transplant/ bone marrow transplant identical twins are perfect matches for each other with little to no chance of rejection. However, fraternal twins are not perfect matches for each other in this scenario because they do not share all their genetic information which means they might not match each other for a transplant. So being an identical twin is an immunological benefit and could save your life if such an occasion arose. Lastly from some scientific studies it has been discovered that twins actually have matching or similar brain wave patterns, which means it is very easy for identical twins to react the same way or know what the other thinks about a similar situation without needing to ask. Of course this is not true for fraternal twins that do not have similar brain wave patterns. So identical twins are an amazing coincidence that occur in nature and with many things still to be learned about the mystery of how identical are identical twins. The reason I know a lot about this kind of stuff is because I am an identical twin and I find this sort of information fascinating and worthy of sharing.

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