The Different Types of RNA
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The Different Types of RNA

This article talks about the different types of RNA which are the following:Messenger RNA, small inteferring RNA, microRNA, long non-coding RNA, transfer RNA,ribosomal RNA,small nuclear RNA, and RNAi. The article explains what each of the RNA's do inside the human body. The article explains each of the classes of RNA roles in eukaryotes and some in prokaryotes.

There are different classes of RNA discussed in genetics. The different classes of RNA are the following: functional RNA, Messenger RNA, Small Interfering RNA, Micro RNA, long non-coding RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA, small nuclear RNA, and RNAi. Although all of these classes are important in genetics, there are three main ones that are used more commonly in genetics.  The three main types of RNA used in genetics are Trna or transfer RNA, mRNA or  messenger RNA, and RNA interference. RNA inteference is a special class of RNA. Transfer RNA, RNAi, and messenger RNA are the three main RNA’s used in genetics. Transfer RNA transfers different types of genes to different locations of the genome. These genes are inherited genes by your mother and father.

Messenger RNA delivers messages to the DNA or deoxyribose nucleic acid and other areas of the bodies. Messenger RNA is important in genetics because it sends information to DNA and without this information, humans or any living thing or organism wouldn't be able to function. The last type of RNA is RNAi. RNAi is RNA interference. RNAi is in the cytoplasm and checks what RNA can go on to the ribosomes so that they can make proteins that makes different types of cells. RNAi destroys all viruses and mirror images of RNA. RNAi destroys shapes that looks funny or that doesn't look like the normal RNA’s.Ribonucleic acid interference can also turn off genes when it’s controlled in the right way.

For example, the pigments colors of the skin. There are many different pigment colors of skin. People in the world are black, white, brown, and albino. The cause of many different races being different pigments of colors has to do with turning off the genes or RNA.  RNAi was first discovered by a man named Rich Jorgensen who did an experiment on flowers which were petunias. The man wanted to make the flower purpler but his experiment failed and the flower became white. RNAi was the cause of the flowers turning white because RNAi destroyed all the copies to make the flower purple.RNAi is important in genetics because it can turn off genes which could be a good for the body and this could also be bad for the body. Since RNAi was discovered, many people have came up with medical ideas to keep genes on within the eyes, so that people won’t go blind at a early or older age. If medical researchers continue to do research on RNAi,  it could lead to the cure of cancer and other sorts of diseases.

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