What is the Meaning of Life?
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What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? This is one of the oldest and most important questions of life: what is the point of it all? Over the ages, man has come up with countless answers to this question. Here is a summary of some of them.

There is no meaning to life - Simple. The question ‘what is the meaning of life?’ is fundamentally flawed, since life has no meaning. It is a question based on false assumptions, according to people who believe this. I would imagine that ascribing to this worldview would be quite depressing.

Pleasure - This would be something called ‘Hedonism’. Hedonists basically believe that the purpose of existence is to have fun, to experience as much pleasure as possible. I would imagine that this lifestyle would be enjoyable for a time, until you destroyed yourself. Drug overdoses, alcohol poisoning and STDs would be fairly widespread if every ascribed to this path.

Path of the Kami - According to the Japanese religion of Shintoism, the purpose of life is the service of the Kami. Kami are similar to gods, but not really. Anything can be a Kami, but not everything is.

Attain Enlightenment - According to Buddhism, the purpose of existence is to end suffering through enlightenment. Buddhism posits that life leads to suffering and that suffering is caused by attachment to the physical world. Suffering ends when desire ends and enlightenment is attained. Enlightenment is attained by following the Path of the Buddha

Glorifying and worshipping Allah (Islam)

Glorifying and worshipping God (Christianity)

Glorifying and worshipping Yahweh (Judaism)

The purposes of life in these three religions are essentially the same; it is only the gods worshipped that are different. Also different are the way in which the gods are worshipped. Islam has the Qur’an, Judaism has the Torah and Christianity, the Bible.

Attaining knowledge - This path doesn’t seem popular these days. It is known as Platonism, after the Greek philosopher Plato. In this path, meaning is attained through learning and understanding.

42 - According to Douglas Adams’ book, the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything is the number forty-two. With this answer in hand, the more difficult task is to find out what the question is. In the books, the question is later revealed to be “What do you get if you multiply six times seven?” Personally, this is my favourite answer.

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Comments (2)

The meaning of life is simple , to know , you must know the source of The Creator of All Life , and His Will ! Even a little child can understand the purpose of life if they are taught . The problem is , Who & What they are taught . For those of you that don't know Who ? are What ? The Meaning of Life IS ??? TRUTH?? When you see the truth, and understand it, it sets you free,,,,of what you ask ? Lies !!!!! We all have been lied to, since the very begining of man by The father of All Lies!! And, he's got real good at doing it. He told Eve she would not die,,,she did!!! That lie is still being told today! Think about it??? His ministers of righteousness(demons) still tell you,you do not die at death, YOU DO !!! Stop,Look,& Listen! There would be no purpose for a resurrection if you went to heaven at death. Please forgive me for getting to heavy ! I must close now, but not before I tell you The Meaning of Life,short version,. 1. To know Gods will & do it,which is----Seek His Kingdom and tell others about it. The same Kingdom Jesus will be King over, 1000 years !!! Earth !!! To be in Gods Family ! Ps. 37:29 Love & Peace, In Jehovah's service, Ronnie

I'm not sure if you are asking a question or expounding. You certainly have done serious research. I ascribe to a common belief that almost all questions can either be answered simply or not at all. I will use the 'equation' method here. On the left side, procreation. The equal sign signifies being sentient is both a blessing and a curse; either choose (proactive) or leave life to just happen (surrender participation); a place to identify with something positive or negative. The right side is the 5 pointed star of living with the first 4 representing Knowledge, Wisdom, Intellect and Ability. The fifth point is a matrix of many things, known by many names, collectively called the Influences; i. e., love, hate anger, indifference, peace, greed, desire, envy, chaos, paradox, obsession, fear, rejection, praise, timing, planning, friends, enemies and on and on. It is how interaction of the Influences at a point in time form a confluence that formulates the fifth point of the star. Constantly fluxing, the fifth point is what makes life have meaning; shifting the balance between contenders, taking or giving advantage, thus neither victory nor failure is forever and life is an unending end.